Large Oval Platter

Large Oval Platter

Alex Marshall’s ceramics can be described as beautifully functional sculpture. Many have referred to her work as organic — an elegant mixture of art and chance. But she takes a highly skilled and deliberate approach to her art. All Alex Marshall Studios ceramics are lead free, microwaveable, residential dishwasher safe, can be warmed in the oven and are manufactured at their facility in Corning, California.

Available in: Gloss White, Chocolate Brown, Aqua, Blue Gray, Sea Foam, Butter Cream, Umber, Periwinkle, Honey, Green, Charcoal, Lavender, Matte White, Moss, Gloss Black, Taupe, Marble, Oxblood

Available in: Gloss White (as shown) and many other colors available.

Dimensions: W 19 in. x D 13.75 in.

Materials: Stoneware Clay


To order, please contact us at (406) 544-3080,