Splitback Sofa

Splitback Sofa

The Splitback Deluxe Sofa is a comfortable tufted sofa by day and supportive sleeper sofa by night, maintaining a sleek and luxurious appeal at all times. Featuring a split backrest design, each section of this multifunctional sofa reclines and fully flattens independently, offering a variety of dynamic resting and lounging compositions. The Wood Base version boasts a relaxed look with a refreshing appeal, offering a combination of materials from soft upholstery to raw wooden accents that are well suited for a variety of modern aesthetics.

Available in: Begum Dark Brown, Mixed Dance Burned Orange, Leather Textile Black, Leather Textile White. Walnut base or stainless steel.

Sizes: Sofa and chair.

Dimensions: Upright: 82”“ W X 35”“ D X 31”“ H Folded Down: 82”“ W X 45”“ D X 15”“ H”

Materials: Metal, Fabric, Wood

Sofa: $1495; Chair: $640

To order, please contact us at (406) 544-3080, info@housedesignstudio.net