Slim Round Dinner Set

Slim Round Dinner Set

When stacked, Alex Marshall’s ceramics resemble layers of rock or the gentle lines of a palm frond. On their own, they seem like natural extensions of the human hand. This combined with Alex’s use of earthy colors and textures elevates the minimal form to a fine art, making each piece as beautiful as it is useful. The result is a uniquely versatile collection of handcrafted pieces perfect for any environment. All Alex Marshall Studios ceramics are lead free, microwaveable, residential dishwasher safe, can be warmed in the oven and are manufactured at their facility in Corning, California. Full set of Slim Round Dinnerware includes: Dinner Plate, Side Plate, Slim Bowl, Round Bowl, Classic Bowl, Rimmed Bowl, Mugs, and more!




Available in: White, Butter Cream, Chocolate Brown, Aqua, Laender, Pink, Green, Marble, Oxblood, Blue Gray

Materials: Ceramic

Starting at $19

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